MC2 Longevity Serum

Longevity Serum is the first serum in the MC2 story, it is a versatile and adaptable to all skin types. With a complex and powerful balance of extracts from sugar maple, fruit enzymes, Japanese Green tea, tumeric and active peptides.

The skin immediately experiences desensitizing, calming, brightening, plumping and collagen promotion. Longevity Serum can decrease the depth of fine lines, appearance of discolouration and adult acne. Using Longevity serum over time, your skin can actually become younger looking and experience an increase in healthfulness.

MC2 Peptides are designed molecules that are short chained amino acid sequences that trigger cellular actions in the skin and are known to generate dermis’ large protein self-growth which is a cofactor in wound healing.

Cosmeceutical peptides are the result of in research studies of wound healing and growth stimulation of skin fibroblasts. Peptides also have the ability to effects that potentially decrease collagen breadkdown and improve the appearance of aging skin.

Type: Serum