MC2 provides anti aging solutions for your complete optimum health. The skin is our largest organ and the accumulative process of aging starts from birth. Aging affects the structure, function and appearance of the skin which is the reduction in  elasticity and viscoelastic properties of the skin. The natural biological progression of aging occurs over a lifetime and is also a result of environmental exposure. With the daily use of MC2 skin solutions, skin begins to destabilize the intrinsic and extrinsic processes of aging and proactively heal the skin.

Cosmetics were originally designed and marketed as formulations that temporarily enhance the appearance of the skin hair or nails.  MC2Tech division is a hybrid industry that has emerged in the demand for health solutions that bear transformational benefits and clearly exhibit clinical effects beyond the effects of mere hydration or illumination.  The resulting MC2Tech client demand is now  growing at an astonishing rate and now designing solutions for the cosmetic, fashion and food industries.

Protein peptide fragments are a key component in many of MC2 skin care solutions. Cosmeceutical proteins have evolved from our mothers moisturizers and hair treatments. Historically, large molecular weight hydrolyzed protiens such as collagen and keratin in skin, nail and hair treatments were considered popular. MC2Tech now introduces smaller oligopeptide chains of amino acids that function in skin repair and ultimately in skin healing.

MC2 utilizes the latest in cosmetic technology to further enhance skins biological ability to repair it self and can be used as prophylactic measures against environmental skin damage. Intrinsic changes in skin, which occur over time and extrinsic changes in skin occur due to environmental influences can take place concurrently.  MC2 examines measures to scientifically understand the mechanical behaviour of skin and applies our results into the cosmetic applications to create a beautiful skin care experience for our clients.

MC2 practices the concept of Longevity, the driving force behind the purposeful innovations created by the company. MC2 Longevity is the achievement of our most healthy functioning for a long and happy life. MC2 creates the highest caliber formulations that use pure and ethical components that only compliment our longevity objective for people and the planet.

MC2 sources only ethically sound products. You can read our blog for market updates on which products are considered healthy for use in our products, which ingredients we place on moratorium or ban from use due to endangerment. These types of products are in great demand in our eco-health conscious market and show concern for our planet and it’s species.  There is science and beauty in everything, everywhere – when we embrace the beauty in everything, we then uncover our own capacities for beauty. Universal beauty is beholden.